Raymond Boudon: A Life in Sociology
Agent-based Modelling and Simulation

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Tocqueville for Today

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Raymond Boudon: A Life in Sociology

Edited by Mohamed Cherkaoui and Peter Hamilton

5th October 2009, hardback, 4 volumes in slipcase, 1624pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-905622-18-4


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This Festschrift has been prepared to celebrate the life and work of Raymond Boudon (b. 1934). It provides 83 articles by a cross-section of the world's leading sociologists, social scientists and philosophers who offer analytical essays that explore and evaluate aspects of his many contributions to the understanding of contemporary society.

Boudon has been unusual amongst French sociologists in the scope of his grasp of both European sociology and that of the anglophone world, partly at least because he lived and worked in the United States during a key period of his career, and also because he has avoided the anti-Americanism so prevalent in some spheres of French academic life. Though well-versed in European philosophy, he was distinctive among his peers in opting for more practical interests. As he says in the autobiographical essay he has contributed to the first volume, "I wanted to orient myself rather toward a discipline dealing with the concrete human world." Though he hesitated between economics and sociology, his mentor Raymond Aron helped him choose sociology because he thought it offered more to a young man.

Although well-known for his path-breaking studies of the role of education on social mobility which have been translated into many languages, Raymond Boudon has also made critically important contributions across a wide range of intellectual domains with important work on values and beliefs, methodology and social theory, the role of intellectuals, rationality, relativism, and science, political theory, and the future of sociology and the other social sciences. He has written critically important work on the leading figures in sociological thought such as Tocqueville, Weber, Durkheim, Merton and Lazarsfeld, and been tirelessly active as a promoter of sociology as a central field of study for the scientific understanding and analysis of contemporary society.

The collection was presented to Raymond Boudon at a reception hosted by the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques in Paris on 7th October 2009. Speeches were made at the presentation by both editors of the collection and by Raymond Boudon himself.

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List of Contributors
Editors' Introduction, Mohamed Cherkaoui & Peter Hamilton
Why I Became a Sociologist, Raymond Boudon

Part One: Social Theory, Science and Epistemology

Hans Kelsen and Karl Popper: Two Viennese Critics of Plato's Totalitarianism, Dario Antiseri
Realism, Social Structure and the Theory of Action, Filippo Barbera
Durkheim's Theory of Homicide, Massimo Borlandi
The Failed Theory Behind The 2008 Economic Crisis, Mario Bunge
Some Remarks on Processes of Abstraction in Social Science: Legitimate Uses and Risks, François Chazel
Tocqueville and Analytical Sociology, Christofer Edling & Peter Hedström
"Good Reasons" for Following Fashion, Guillaume Erner
Language and Identity in the Age of Globalization, Max Haller
A Neo-Weberian Interactionist Paradigm, Ángeles Lizón
A Note on Methodological Individualism, C. Mantzavinos
A Note on Durkheim, Suicide and Morality, W.S.F. Pickering
Some Elements for a Brief History of Relativism: The Opposition Between "Civilization" and "Culture", Jean-Miguel Pire
Why did Geometrical Optics not lead to Perspective in Medieval Islam? Rationality and Good Reasons in the Anthropology of Mathematics, Dominique Raynaud
Explaining a Collective Belief: Magic, Pascal Sanchez
Tocqueville as an empirical research, Richard Swedberg
Single People, Common-law Marriage, Contract, the Couple and Some Other Questions, François Terré
Modernity and the Second Return of Mechanical Solidarity, Edward A. Tiryakian
Neurosociology, Mindreading and Mindfeeling: How the Social Scientist Explains Social Action, Riccardo Viale
Modelling the Kula ring: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Problems, Rolf Ziegler


Part Two: Toward a General Theory of Rationality

Tocqueville and the Analysis of Religious Beliefs, Salvatore Abbruzzese
"I (She) Did This Because of That": Subjective Causality and Bayesian Narratives in Sociological Explanation, Peter Abell
Rationality and Relativism, Rod Aya
"You Can't Teach Your Grandmother to Suck Eggs ..." When Experience is a Good Reason to Make a Mistake, Gérald Bronner
Suicide Bombers: Beyond Cultural Dopes and Rational Fools, Robert J. Brym & Cynthia Hamlin
Agency, Rationality, Values: A Philosophical Perspective, Francesca Castellani
The Postulate of Rationality Between Universality and Diversity, Jacques Coenen-Huther
About the Rationality of Religious Beliefs, Charles-Henry Cuin
Hayek's Connectionist Psychology as a Defence for the Sociology of Good Reasons, Francesco Di Iorio
The Rationality of Human Action: Towards a Mises–Popper–Boudon Model? Enzo Di Nuoscio
Rational Choice, Evolution and the "Beauty Contest", Andreas Diekmann
Rationality and Commitment: The Model of Frame Selection and the Explanation of Normative Action, Hartmut Esser
Rationality and the World of Art: The Case of Photography, Peter Hamilton
Can Normative Disputes be Settled Rationally? On Sociology as a Normative Discipline, Ragnvald Kalleberg
Problems Without Ends: How Rational Choice Theory Escapes its Explanatory Task, Carina Mood
Business Firms and Capitalism: The General Theory of Rationality versus Prevailing Explanations, Jean-Michel Morin
Explaining Contentious Politics: A Case Study of a Failed Theory Development and a Proposal for a Rational Choice Alternative, Karl-Dieter Opp
Other-dependent Preferences and Moral Sentiments in Cognitive Economics Models: First Steps Towards a More "Generalised" Rational Choice Model, Denis Phan
Rationality — Broad and Narrow, Stein Ringen

Part Three: On Generative Mechanisms

The Actuality of Education, Opportunity and Social Inequality, Nathalie Bulle
The Three Markets Theory and Some Unintended Consequences of Public Policies, Mohamed Cherkaoui
Generativity, Thomas J. Fararo


Part Three: On Generative Mechanisms (continued)

An Empirical Theory of Social Justice, Michel Forsé
The Possibility Theorem: Towards a Sociological Explanation of Altruism, Salvador Giner
The Role of Aspiration Levels in Educational Choices: An Economic Foundation, Louis Lévy-Garboua & Lionel Page
Values: What Do They Do for Behavior? Siegwart Lindenberg
Boudon's Model of Relative Deprivation Revisited, Gianluca Manzo
Benefits and Costs of Vocational Education and Training, Walter Müller
Primary and Secondary Effects of Social Origin in Migrant and Native Families at the Transition to the Tracked German School System, Ilona Relikowski, Thorsten Schneider & Hans-Peter Blossfeld
Gods and Social Mechanisms: New Perspectives for an Explanatory Sociology of Religion, Jörg Stolz

Part Four: Actions, Institutions and Political Repertoires

The Internet and Democracy, Jean Baechler
Globalization, Multiculturalism and Democracy, Eliezer Ben-Rafael
On Obedience, Pierre Birnbaum
Church and State — Ever Separate? Rémi Brague
Revisiting Tocqueville: Citizenship Norms, Political Repertoires, and Cultural Participation, Terry Nichols Clark & Filipe Carreira da Silva
Axiological Dimensions in Economic Policies, Pierre Demeulenaere
Situational Analysis: Some Proposals for a Non-Popperian Programme, Michel Dobry
Contemporary Globalization and Hegemonies: New Intercivilizational Visions, S.N. Eisenstadt
Challenges to Democracy: Fairness and Participation, Fredrik Engelstad
The Europeans' Values: A Persistent Structure, Olivier Galland & Yannick Lemel
Value Generalization: Limitations and Possibilities of a Communication about Values, Hans Joas
Entitlements in the market: rational choice and externalities, Graciela Kuechle & Diego Rios


Part Four: Actions, Institutions and Political Repertoires (continued)

Can Sociology Develop Political Judgements? Beyond Teleological Contextualism and Deontological Universalism, Carmelo Lombardo
Votes for the Extreme Left, Votes for the Extreme Right: The False Symmetry, Nonna Mayer
How Democracies Should Fight Insurgents and Terrorists, Anthony Oberschall
Liberalism and Biomedical Progress: A Positive View, Angelo M. Petroni
Politics, Economics and the Putnam-Sen Dialogue on Facts and Values, Emmanuel Picavet
Modernity, East Asia's Modernization and the New World Order, Volker H. Schmidt
Climate Change and Peak Oil: An Analysis of (False) Beliefs Regarding Two 21st-Century World Challenges, Frans N. Stokman
The "Invisible Authorities": The Historical Roots of Values and Culture in Comparative Criminology, Denis Szabo
Guizot and Democracy, Bernard Valade
Tolerance as a Juridico-Political Problem, Yves-Charles Zarka

Part Five: On the Shoulders of Boudon

Subjective Rationality and Aggregative Processes: An Actionist Perspective on the Dynamics of Science, Michel Dubois
On Raymond Boudon's Style of Thought, Hervé Dumez
The Methodological Framework of Sociology: the Explanation of "Enigmas" versus Hypothesis-Corroboration, Renaud Fillieule
Boudon's Contribution to the Objectivity of Ethics: Some Open Methodological Problems, Angelo Fusari
The Concept and its Context: Notes on Raymond Boudon's Sociology of Science, Dominique Guillo
The PUF Sociologies Series: A Major Source of Scientific Knowledge in Contemporary Sociology, Simon Langlois
Raymond Boudon's Political Sociology, Robert Leroux
Revisiting Boudon, Znaniecki, and Polish Peasants, Michal Luczewski
On the Shoulders of Merton: Boudon as the Modern Guardian of Middle-Range Theory, Ray Pawson
Glimpsing Something New in Public Policy Analysis: The Contribution of Raymond Boudon to the Cognitivist Turn, Daniela Piana
Raymond Boudon, Alexis de Tocqueville and American Exceptionalism, Bryan S. Turner
Raymond Boudon as a Methodological Individualist, Lars Udehn

Selected Thematic Bibliography of Raymond Boudon's Publications
Comprehensive Bibliography of Raymond Boudon's Publications

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